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Not so “Mysterious” disappearances multiply in Beijing

In this article (in French here), Challenges magazine’s journalist takes a cautious approach, highlighting the possible origins of the recent […]

China gears up its SMEs for new quality standards and certification challenge

China gears up SMEs for quality standards and certification challenge On May 25, MIIT announced the launch of a three-year […]

Xi Jinping is back to business. Chinese modernization can’t wait

Editorial extracted from the latest issue of Red River dated April 17, 2023 Emmanuel Macron‘s stop-over in Guangzhou on April […]

The story of the automaker that would be shipbuilder

Anhui-based Chery Auto has always been a special case in the panorama of China’s automotive industry. The country’s number 9 […]

Wonking out: Chinese-style modernity surpasses that of the West!

About the “Chinese style modernization” discourse In the years 2000 and 2010, the strong growth of the Chinese economy became, […]

Coal cases : the tale of a railway, and the tell of its payload

Electrification of the Jitong Railway has just been completed. In a country where 75% of the rail network has been […]

China jealous of ChatGPT is lagging behind to become the world champion of innovation

The benefits of Chinese protectionism and the disadvantages of a unified Chinese market for Foreign enterprises in China. In recent […]

US-China semiconductors war, Phase IV

Talks between the US, Japan and the Netherlands for curbing exports of semiconductors manufacturing equipment to China have been acknowledged, […]

New incentives for Foreign R&D in China. A feeling of déjà vu.

While all eyes are now on the outward signs of China’s economic reopening, the Chinese Central authorities are redoubling their […]

Hangzhou signal to China’s (Fin)Techs

On January 10, the municipal government of Hangzhou (the capital of Zhejiang) and locally headquartered Alibaba Group signed a strategic […]

New waves of CCP instructors in non-state-run companies in China

On January 10, the official daily of Shaanxi Province published an article praising the placement of 25 promising young party […]