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Backstage in the World’s Factory – Hangzhou signal to China’s (Fin)Techs

On January 10, the municipal government of Hangzhou (the capital of Zhejiang) and locally headquartered Alibaba Group signed a strategic […]

New waves of CCP instructors in non-state-run companies in China

On January 10, the official daily of Shaanxi Province published an article praising the placement of 25 promising young party […]

Sinopole is a resource center dedicated to deciphering China’s industrial and political strategies

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Sinopole is a resource center dedicated to deciphering the industrial and political strategies developed within the socialist market economy in China

Sinopole offers structured, problematized and operational information on the ecosystems of the People’s Republic of China. The daily analyzes of Sinopole experts are aimed at all those: ordinary citizens, business leaders or institutions, who aspire to understand and position themselves in the face of Chinese power.