Shipbuilding is the industry where China’s rise has been most dramatic. From 5% in 2000, it has jumped to 47% of world civil ships deliveries in 2021. The sector is one of those where a mega-merger has created a national giant, with the 2019 establishment of China Shipbuilding Group. Nevertheless, demand is such that other operators, including other SOEs (State-Owned Enterprises) as well as private groups, are active. All are engaged in a quest for value-added on segments that were previously out of reach of the country’s industry, including cruise ships, large LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) carriers and specialized works ships. It also concerns upgrading of segments in which they had strong positioning – from bulk carriers and tankers to containerships and RoRo (Roll on/Roll off) ships – with priority given to motorization alternatives and « Smart Ships », with Autonomous Vessels on the horizon.

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