Railway Industry

Railway vehicles industry has benefited from construction of the world’s number 2 network (behind the US), that rose from 69,000 to 150,000 kilometers between 2000 and 2020.The sector was also the one that assimilated most quickly foreign technologies transfers. Only 20 years after producing its last steam locomotive in 1987, China’s railway industry rolled out its first domestic high-speed train. Chinese authorities made the industry a central part of China’s Overseas strategy in the 2010s, and established a national « champion ». CRRC has developed all segments, from heavy locomotives to metro cars and EMUs (Electric Multiple Units). It is also engaged in all future-looking technologies, from Maglev (magnetic levitation trains) to hydrogen-powered locomotives. Signal and Communications is a strategic connex sector for China’s rolling stock industry, supporting its plans through several specialists.

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