Electric Power

From 320 GW (GigaWatts) in 2000, China’s electricity production capacity has jumped to 2,380 GW in 2020. And the big affair for China’s electricity producers today is transition toward « Green » energy. Renewable energy sources have jumped to 1,020 GW capacity in 2020, led by Wind and Solar power. But for all their progresses, they are not enough to answer China’s needs because of their intermittent nature. A first consequence is that thermal electricity is far from over. Coal-fired power still accounts for over 60% of electricity output, and China still builds plants. Parallelly, it has become the main country for nuclear power development. A second consequence is the huge new market linked to energy storage, with various innovative solutions under development. Whereas China is in the midst of energy transition, it already prepares its next step. Hydrogen energy is in its infancy, but with accelerated development on the program.

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