Automotive Industry

China became the world’s number 1 automotive market, overtaking the US, in 2010. It accounted for 32.5% of the sector’s global output (with 26 million vehicles) in 2021.Despite this development, China’s auto industry has not fulfilled the mission authorities had assigned it, remaining a foreign brands-dominated sector. As a result, it has entered the 2020s with a new objective. Whereas Chinese carmakers remained trailers in the thermal vehicle era, they are to be leaders in the new energy vehicles era – or, to be more precise, in the Connected NEVs era. « Intelligent » vehicles, with Autonomous Vehicles as the ultimate goal, are the model driving all Chinese automakers today. Those include traditional automakers and start-ups, several of which have reached industrial scale. The evolution adds to complexity of an already overcrowded market, where restructuring is an ever-present question.

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